So you’ve decided on the perfect image for your locket - what next?

Here are some steps and tips you might like to try to fit your photograph in to your pendant:

  • Crop the image to focus on the elements you’re trying to retain, but leave some space around the focal point to allow for cutting it out.

  • Use a digital photo program like iPhoto, Picasa or Photoshop, to size this to match the inside dimensions of your locket. Alternatively, Microsoft Word is a great tool for this too, it opens Layout dialog box, which shows you the current size of the image in inches. Select the "Size" tab and then change the "Height" or "Width" settings to a size that will fit in the locket. Click "OK." You can now print the smaller image without any loss in quality.

  • When you print your resized photo, ensure that you use photo paper and not regular printer paper.

  • See the locket template at the bottom of this page? You can always right click to save the template and then print it to the internal dimensions. Then place baking/tracing paper over the template to trace around the locket oval size that you require.

  • Place the translucent paper over your printed photograph - ensuring the important elements of your photo will be inside the oval. Then using a biro trace over the circle (with the photo underneath) in order to leave an indentation that will become your cutting guide.

  • Slowly and carefully cut your photo out, using the guide you just created, being careful not to cut inside the oval.

  • Try inserting the photo into your locket, starting at the top left corner, and moving around the edge of the photo, press each section gently so that it fits underneath the lip of the locket until the entire photo is in place without creasing or folding. If there are any folds still, the photo is too large.

  • If the photo is still too large, cut again around the edges, just taking small amounts at a time, repeating the last two steps until your image fits snuggly inside

We hope you enjoy your newest treasure!


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