Our Response to COVID-19

Business as (somewhat) usual ❤️

We are incredibly thankful that we have the kind of business, and workplace set up, that we can remain completely operational, during this time.

We're still busy makers over here, creating and sending joyful gifts for you and your loved ones.

We can let you know that currently, the guidelines and recommendations announced on 23rd March, allow us (and Australia Post) to continue to operate, provided that we are adhering to strict social distancing (which we have enforced in our workplace and studio).

We're so glad to be able to provide opportunity for you to express your love and thoughts to loved ones, through thoughtful gifts for those special occasions that we know you'll still be celebrating. We've got you covered.

In addition to meeting social distancing requirements, there are other measures we've put into place too, you can read below, about our actions to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.

What's changed then?

Safety Measures

For your peace of mind, we know that it's important to share with you how we're addressing health and safety in our studio workshop.

Significant changes have been made in our studio, as we keep things ticking along, but also to ensure the health and well being of our staff, and to be certain that every product that leaves our studio is safe for you and your family.

We’re keeping our finger on the pulse in terms of following recommendations from the Australian and Victorian Health departments, and have made the following adjustments to our studio: 

- Individual hand sanitiser pumps have been provided at every work station. Staff members who are handling products, have been instructed to sanitise frequently, including any time they return to their work station
- All surfaces and equipment are disinfected regularly
- A distance of 4m x 4m is maintained by staff members at all times, and we're working in shifts so there are minimal staff in our (vast) studio at any one time. 
- All staff with the ability to work from home have now been set up to do so
- Only staff are permitted to enter the building, and upon doing so, must sanitise
- We are adhering to strict twice daily cleaning procedures
- Work rosters have been adjusted to allow for appropriate social distancing

We will continue to make changes as required, to prioritise the safety of our customers and staff.

Australia Post

As of 23/3, Australia Post is still operating as usual - collecting and delivering parcels to you and your loved ones. 

Their most recent updates can be found here.

The only changes made regarding delivery, are that instead of parcels being delivered with a knock on your door, or by the Postie leaving a 'postal collection card' now your parcel is likely to be delivered to you using safe drop. The Postie may leave your parcel in a safe place for you to bring inside instead.

When your parcel has been delivered, you can use your tracking link (the one you'll receive when your parcel has left our studio), to follow the progress of your package, or to see when your parcel has been delivered to you.

We think that this is the safest way to receive your parcel, however if you'd prefer not to have your parcels delivered via safe drop, you can currently use the parcel locker service. Find out more about that here.

Stay safe everyone, take care of each other, and try to enjoy some slower moments with your closest loved ones.


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