»I just placed my order. How long will it take to get it?

We completely understand the excitement of receiving a special package to your door :)

Outside of SALE timeframes, our recommendation is for customers to allow 5 -10 working days for your gorgeous items to be created, sorted and posted. This refers to the time to make your order - before the Postie collects it - although often it's much quicker than this.

It may be helpful to know that most items in our range will be made and on their way to you within 5 business days. However, it really does depend on which type of product/s you've purchased, and where we're at in our production schedule at the time. 

Your order could be made and shipped quite soon after your order is placed, or it could take up to 12 business days before it’s on its way to you.

If you're unsure about your order arriving in time for a special occasion, we're happy to help meet an achievable time frame. We just need to know about it in advance, so please email us or call for a quick chat, and we'll let you know what's possible :)

We will keep you updated though. You'll receive a Shipping Confirmation email from us when your order is ready for the Postie to collect and then you'll know it'll be on its way to you the next business day!

»I got an email saying my order is shipped. How long does shipping take?

Once our Dispatch Team have handed your parcel over to Australia Post, travel times within Australia will depend on where you're located and which postage you opted for during check out. 

When your parcel is ready to be collected by the postie, you'll receive a Shipping Confirmation email. Handy! 

Then, once it's on the road, you'll be able to track the progress as it makes its way to you.

Express Post

If you want to make sure your order arrives as quickly as possible, after it is produced and packaged up, select the Express Postage option when you checkout. Please keep in mind that Express Postage times kick off once we’ve handed your order over to Australia Post. This postage option does not speed up the time it takes to MAKE your order - only the delivery once it's posted. 

This is much quicker than waiting for regular shipping times. Express Post remains the fastest postal service, although currently the Australia Post next-business-day guarantee is suspended, until domestic flights return to normal.  Express Post is absolutely our recommendation for reducing your wait times dramatically, once your order leaves our care. :)

Flat Rate Shipping

If you're not needing something in a hurry, opting for our $9.90 Flat Rate regular shipping is a great option. We send these parcels via Regular Tracked Shipping with Australia Post. See below for general (non-peak) time frames - but be aware these are approximates only, and it's worth visiting the Aus Post website for current delivery timeframes.

Victoria 2-6 business days  3-10 business days 
New South Wales 2-8 business days 2-10 business days
Queensland 2-7 business days 4-10 business days
Tasmania 2- 10 business days 2- 10 business days
Northern Territories 4-8 business days 5-8 business days
South Australia 3-6 business days 4-10 business days
Western Australia 6-20 business days 7-15 business days

»Do you send orders to PO Boxes?

Yup. We deliver to PO Boxes anywhere in Australia.


»I don’t live in Australia but I’d love to buy something. Do you ship overseas?

We ship throughout Australia and New Zealand. If you are shopping from another location, please email us to see if postal services are available to you. 

Once our dispatch team have handed your parcel over to the postal service, travel times will depend on where your order is headed.

When it's been packaged and is ready to be collected by the Postal Service, you'll receive a Shipping Confirmation email. Handy! Once it's on the road, you'll be able to track the progress as it makes its way to you - unless the destination carrier doesn't provide tracking.

The current estimate for parcels heading from Australia to New Zealand is 9-15 days  based on non-peak seasons as advertised by Australia Post, our national postal service. These timelines apply after your order has been designed and made.

The above mentioned shipping times are just a guideline and in many cases your order will arrive sooner. However, we’re not responsible for delays in shipping times due to postage service delays or any other set backs that stem directly from circumstances beyond our control.

When international shipping is arranged, the customer is responsible for all customs/duties fees, if applicable. International postage is sent as regular air mail. Please allow up to 30 business days for your order to arrive to you from Melbourne, AU after it has left our studio. Please note that not all countries allow for tracked postage internationally. If you have questions regarding postage to your location, please send us a message prior to placing your order.

»I’ve already placed an order but I want to add something to it now. Can I do this to avoid paying for shipping twice?

Yay - so glad to hear you’d like to order some more of our products.

Sometimes, during non-peak periods, we can add extra items to your original order to help you save on shipping, but it depends on what you’re ordering and where your original order is in our production queue. However please know this just isn't possible during peak periods, such as during the lead up to Christmas.

The best thing to do is get in touch with us ASAP and and we can go from there. Just call (03) 9070 8156 between 9am and 3pm AEDT Mon-Fri or email us at hello@arloandco.com.au.

»I live locally and would like to pick up my order. Can I do that?

Our studio is located in Chirnside Park, in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, so if you're not too far away, you're more than welcome to pop in to pick up your order when it's ready. This often means you can have it in your hands sooner too!

Just make sure you call or email us once you place the order to let us know and we’ll make a note to let our dispatch team know that you'd prefer to pick up, rather than have it posted. 

When your order is ready to collect, one of our team members will give you a call to let you know and then after you've popped in to pick up, any postage charges you paid when placing the order will be refunded back to the method of payment.* This will be finalised within a couple of days of pick up :)

*Any orders processed using Afterpay will receive a discount code to the value of the postage costs paid. All other orders will receive a refund of postage charges



»What’s the difference between a Personalised Product, and a Custom Designed Order?

Good question, glad you asked.

Here’s the lowdown...

Personalised Products are items that have templated designs which are personalised according to your instructions. This could be something like the name on a Round Name Plaque In Blonde, the photo and message on a Personalised Bamboo Keytag With Photo, the colour of the word “love” on a Bamboo Love Plaque, etc. These items usually take a few days to make before they’re ready to ship. This is because they’re made in batches. That means all orders sitting in our system at a certain time for a certain Personalised Product - for example, Round Name Plaques - will get produced together as a batch. Orders placed for this product after the batch has gone into production will then have to wait for other products - for example, Photo Keytags - to get made before it’s time for the Round Name Plaques batch again.

Custom Designed Orders are products we’ll bring to life from your imagination. A great example of these are our ever-popular Birthday Boards. We don’t have these stocked in the workshop or ready to pull up from a template. That’s why these Custom Designed Orders will usually take about a week to finalise before they are ready to be made - because they involve a back-and-forth process with you to match the design to your heart’s desire. Once you OK the design, we’ll pop a hold on our Personalised Products batches to put the Custom Designed Order through production. This is the reason Custom Designed Orders incur an additional fee and take a bit longer to make. They’re totally unique, with no two the same.

»How do I look after the products I’ve bought from you?

To ensure the longevity of your high-end Arlo & Co products, please follow all the product care guidelines listed in the product descriptions of the items you’ve ordered, and those that accompany your products.

This is especially important for delicate items like Script and Mirror Name Plaques, that should be securely fastened to the wall or door with quality 3M Command mounting strips.

We also suggest placing items out of reach of children to ensure the best care for them.

»I made a mistake with the text on my order. Can I change it?

Yikes - that’s a shame. We’ve included prompts on all the product pages and confirmation pages asking that you double check the spelling/style/fonts/colours of your personalisation before finalising the checkout.

Because of the influx of orders we process every day, unfortunately we can’t make changes to personalisation once your order has gone into production.

If you notice you’ve made a mistake on your order, please contact us as soon as possible on (03) 9070 8156 and we’ll see if we can catch it before it’s gone through to our workshop. If your order has already been made, you can pay a re-run charge to get the product made again.

Please note, our Personalised Products and Custom Designs are made-to-order according to your specifications, so changes and requests for returns or re-makes where you've made a personalisation error or simply changed your mind just aren't possible. We understand that these things happen sometimes though, and where we can, we'll try to help out with an affordable solution for you. 

»My order arrived broken, what should I do?

Oh man, that sucks! How disappointing. :(

We carefully package our items, especially delicate ones, so that they reach you safely. Unfortunately accidents can sometimes happen if your parcel has a bit of a rough journey to you.

The best thing to do is shoot us through an email straight away to let us know (hello@arloandco.com.au). You'll need to include photographs in the original packaging so that we can see what's happened. Please be mindful that we need this information from you within 48 hours of delivery. 

We can then point you in the right direction in terms of what to do next.

Please note: 
In some cases, if part of your order has been damaged during transit, you may need to contact Australia Post directly, to lodge a claim with them.  If you opted for regular tracked or express postage with your order, a tracking number will be included in the Shipping Confirmation email you receive from us. You can use this number to submit a claim for compensation with Australia Post - if all or part of your order was damaged - during transit. We recommend doing so within a 48 hour period after receiving your order.

If you do lodge a claim with Australia Post, please let us know, so that we can contact you with any communication Australia Post provides us regarding your order. Australia Post will only allow compensation claims for 30 days after receipt of your parcel.

As always, we're here to help. If you get stuck, please reach out and we can point you in the right direction. :)

»I bought a Mirror Name Plaque from you guys and it fell off my wall and broke. Can you replace it?

Oh, that's such a shame! Bummer :(

These are delicate items, but if these pieces are not dropped, bent or damaged in any way from handling, they should last a lifetime. Like fine china, or other fragile products, it's not designed to withstand being bent or dropped.

Perhaps it wasn't fastened to the wall as securely as it could have been? Sometimes if the surface is a little dusty or even has moisture when you mount your piece, the method you've used to fasten to the wall can become loose over time.

We always recommend handling Mirror Names with care and fastening them to a clean, dry surface with quality 3M Command mounting strips at multiple anchor points. You may have noticed this information on the instruction leaflet that arrived with your Mirror Name. 

If the item is now damaged from handling or falling, unfortunately we won’t be able to replace it for you - as per our terms and conditionsIf you're keen to order this piece again though, feel free to get in touch and we'll see what we can do to help you out.


»I'd like to order a few of the same product for different people (e.g ornaments for everyone in our home). How do I do that?

Perfect! Let's help you sort that out quick and easy. :) 

  1. First thing's first, go to product page of the product you'd like to order (e.g. an ornament).
  2. You'll see empty fields and/or other details you can use to customise the product. Fill 'em in.
  3. Tap the "Add to Cart" button.
  4. You'll be redirected to your Arlo & Co shopping cart where you can see the details of the item you just ordered.
  5. To order the same product again - just with different details - tap the picture of the item in your cart to go back to the product page for that product.
  6. You'll be redirected back to the product and all the fields will be empty and reset, ready for you to personalise.
  7. Fill in all details and tap "Add To Cart" again.
  8. You'll be redirected back to the cart, where you'll now see both of the items you've ordered, with the latest one at the top.
  9. If you need to order more of the same product, tap the product picture again and you'll be redirected back to the product - all fields will be empty and reset ready for you to personalise.

Repeat this process as many times as you like to order the same product with different details.

Please do NOT just place one personalised item in your cart, increase the quantity, and leave a note in the 'special instructions section' with the other 4 personalisations you'd like made to the same product. That note won't be seen until your order is already made and being packaged, so you'll end up with 5 of the exact same item (e.g. 5 ornaments that say 'Ava' with a cutout star).


»How do I know if my photo will look good printed on a Wood Print or Bamboo Photo Product?

The wonderful thing about our Wood Prints and Bamboo Photo Products are that no two are alike. That’s pretty special and usually the reason people choose these natural, unique pieces.

Because white colours aren’t printed, and light colours are transparent allowing the wood or stone grain to be visible, the effect is that you get the organic grain coming through adding extra depth to your photo.


»I placed an order yesterday and then saw on Instagram that you're having a sale. Can you apply the sale code to my order?

Oh bummer, what unfortunate timing. Sorry to hear you missed out on using the sale code. We know that feeling, it happens to us sometimes, too with online stores we love to buy from.

While we can't apply sales code to orders that have already been placed, we highly recommend that you sign up to our Arlo & Co. VIP mailing list (there's an email signup at the bottom of every page on our website). We always notify our VIPs of sales - and often offer them better deals than on our social media channels - so signing up is the best way to make sure you don't miss out again.

The other thing you can do is turn on post notifications on Instagram. You just go to the Arlo & Co. Instagram account and tap on the 3 little lines in the top right hand corner. The very last option that appears (just before the "Cancel" button) is one that says "Turn on Post Notifications". Tap that and you should get our Instagram updates much more regularly.

Good luck and keep an eye out for our next promo. 


»I entered one of your competitions and I can't remember all the things I have to do to win. Where can I find this info?

So glad you asked - we'd love for you to win something from Arlo & Co. You can always find all the info you need about our promotions and giveaways on our Promotions Terms & Conditions page.



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